When I first started coding, I had no idea what GitHub was. And the amount of open source code on it and the amount of time and mental stress it can save you. I’m going to give you git features and terminal use that can help you.

Commit early, commit often

You’ll learn that committing can save you A LOT of time. With coding, you’re always tinkering and moving code around or refactoring your code. And more often than not, that can result in your app to completely blow up in your face. …

When I first started my coding process I expected it to be tough and I was scared I wouldn’t understand it- or it would be too hard. I was scared, nervous and anxious to dive in. But I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to do so.

I recently graduated from Flatiron School: Software Engineering program. We learned ruby on rails to ReactJS — which I can’t recommend enough. It was definitely a humbling experience. I never knew how rewarding something could be to just make a button render onto a computer screen. The feeling of instant gratification is…

Dear Phil of 15 weeks ago,

Hey man, I know you’re scared/anxious about your future… You should be. You ultimately want to be happy and your success in your professional career is a big factor in that becoming true. But let me just start off saying that you couldn’t be making a better decision for yourself than choosing Flatiron School and software engineering career path! I just presented my final project 15 minutes ago and you would be so proud of the amount of personal growth and just straight JOY you’re going to have. It will definitely the hardest thing…

Philip Roush

Just Keep Livin'

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